March 27, 2013

A positive attitude and strong spirit awarded at graduation and beyond...

 Kirandeep received Liaison Kitchener's
highest honour: the annual Award of Excellence.
Certificate of Recognition

Chef Dean Michielsen has a sweet spot for all of his students, even after they have flown the coop. At last week’s graduation he sent his fledglings off into the culinary world with a mix of pride for their accomplishments, and sadness for their departure.

The room was filled with graduating part-timers from 2012 along with their families and friends, as Chef recalled the highlights of their time here at Liaison. “The dedication and enthusiasm of part-time students makes it exciting to teach you,” he says of the people that most often juggle full-time jobs, family responsibilities and evening classes. It also made his task of choosing just four students for achievement awards a very difficult one.    “Every one of you has the passion.” 

Chef Elaina Ravo, Director of Liaison Kitchener had her own words of wisdom & experience for those she addresses as "our very precious students”.
Certificate of Recognition
“Being a professional chef is a gift and an honour. The only limitation in your path is you,” she advises. “To achieve your dream, you need a positive attitude and a strong spirit. You may have to get out and knock on doors, sometimes until your knuckles bleed. Some doors will be shut in your face, but you have to pick yourself up, brush off the dust, and keep knocking.” 

She closed with these timeless words, credited to many philosophical minds over the decades:
“Watch your thoughts, they become your words;

watch your words, they become your actions;

watch your actions, they become your habits;

watch your habits, they become your character;

watch your character, it becomes your destiny.”

Lonnie - Certificate of Recognition

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